Disability Insurance

No one expects to get sick or injured. Disability insurance can provide income protection and peace of mind when the unexpected becomes reality. 

Maintain your livelihood and lifestyle with disability insurance

You have insurance for your house, car, and health, but if you're like many Americans, you probably don't have insurance for the one thing that pays those bills: your income. If an accident or illness prevented you from working, could you still cover your everyday expenses?

Disability insurance makes this question easy to answer. It can help protect your way of life and maintain your lifestyle if a physician determines you're unable to work due to a covered accident or illness.

Many people forgo disability insurance because they don't think they'll ever need it. However, disabilities are caused by common illness or conditions, such as:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Back and joint disorders
  • Accidents and fractures
  • Cancer
  • Heart attacks and strokes

When you're unable to earn an income because of an illness or accident, your paycheck stops but expenses continue. With disability insurance, you can focus on your health and recovery –  not on paying bills. Best of all, we pay you directly.

How Colonial Life disability insurance works

When an accident or illness happens, the last thing you want to think about is how you're going to pay the bills. With our short-term disability benefits, you may receive financial support for up to two years so you can focus on what really matters: recovering and getting back to work.

Colonial Life disability insurance offers disability benefits, as well as a variety of optional provisions to pay for psychiatric conditions, psychological conditions and hospital admission. You can choose the appropriate benefit amount to meet your needs. No matter which amount or policy you select, benefits are:

  • Payable on a monthly basis directly to you (unless you specify otherwise), regardless of any insurance you may have with other companies
  • Able to be used to pay for whatever you like, including rent, house payments, car payments, utilities, credit card bills, travel expenses and more
  • Potentially available if you return to work part-time
  • Able to be kept if you change jobs

Talk with your Aegisys benefits counselor to learn more and pick the right plan for you.

Our disability insurance is designed with both employees and employers in mind

Employers and HR professionals

  • Provide a sound benefits package that can help attract and retain high-performing employees, without incurring additional company expenses
  • Manage the increasing costs of coverage through voluntary benefits and potential savings
  • Save time and money on advancing paychecks, managing leave and coordination of benefits for disabled employees and more
  • Reduce administrative burden by leveraging Colonial Life's enrollment solutions and 24/7 support

Your employees and their families

  • Can gain peace of mind so they can focus on their health and recovery instead of worrying about paying bills
  • Receive direct benefits (unless they specify otherwise) that can be used however they'd like, regardless of any other insurance they may have
  • Customize their disability benefit amount and elimination period to best meet their needs
  • Some policies are portable, allowing employees to keep their coverage even if they change jobs

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