The Surprising Truth About Dental Insurance

The Surprising Truth About Dental Insurance and What To Do About It

Many employers include dental insurance in their benefits packages. Why? Because employees want it.

According to a survey of employees published in Harvard Business Review, better health, dental and vision insurance are the benefits most valued by employees, with such perks as more flexible hours, more vacation time and work-from-home options all trailing behind.

Even though many Americans currently have dental benefits, a surprisingly high number do not.

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2019 Business Resolutions

7 New Year’s Business Resolutions for 2019

Personally, I haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions since I was about 13 and determined to get onto the school soccer team. As you get older, you realize that choosing January 1st to change yourself or the world is a little restricting.

Life involves constant change and reassessment, week in and week out. But for many in business, especially those who split the year into quarters, seeing out the old and welcoming the new is a recognized line in the sand.… Read More

Keep your best staff in 2019

How To Keep Your Best Staff in 2019

Republished with permission from ColonialLife.

Times are changing. To keep your team together through thick and thin, you have to think creatively. Here’s some common-sense advice I wish I’d had years ago.

Treat people as you’d like them to treat you.
Want good people? Be good people.

Business is business, but we’re not machines (yet). A boss who’s nice to be around counts for a lot.

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Employee Turnover

5 Things You Do That Cause Employee Turnover

Republished with permission from ColonialLife.

For me and, after talking to other small businesses, for others too, employee turnover is a huge issue. When you only employ a handful of people, if one of them leaves it creates a real hole. And that's before you even get started on the cost of replacing them and the productivity issues and lower morale caused by others having to cover their work.

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Cat Reading Book

5 Things Business Owners Can Learn From Cats

Republished with permission from ColonialLife.

Cats. Enigmatic, aloof, contrary - affectionate, loving, loyal. There are so many adjectives that can be applied to our feline friends. And with a little under half of U.S. households (43%) owning one or more cats (totaling almost 86 million), it's clear they've got a place in our hearts.

 But what can business owners learn from the cat's attitude to life?

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