Accident Insurance

Accidents do happen anytime, anywhere. Accident Insurance through Colonial Life provides a lump-sum benefit to help you pay for out-of-pocket expenses

How Accident Insurance through Colonial Life Works

Accident insurance helps you pay for the medical and out-of-pocket costs that you may have after an accidental injury. Based on your policy, this can include emergency treatment, hospital stays, medical exams and other expenses like transportation and lodging.

Accident insurance policies can provide you with a lump sum paid directly to you that will help pay for a wide range of situations, including initial care, surgery, transportation and lodging, and follow-up care. Here’s how it works:

  • A set amount is payable based on the injury you suffer and the treatment you receive.
  • Benefits are payable directly to you (unless you specify otherwise) and can be used as you see fit.
  • Coverage is available for you, your spouse and eligible dependent children.
  • You do not need to answer medical questions or have a physical exam to get basic coverage.
  • Accident insurance covers injuries that happen on the job or off the job, unlike workers’ compensation, which only covers on-the-job injuries.
  • Benefit payments are not reduced by any other insurance you may have with other companies.

Costs, eligibility and waiting periods before benefits are disbursed vary, so talk with your Aegisys benefits counselor to learn more.

Out-of-Pocket Medical Costs Add Up

Enjoy peace of mind with accident insurance for whatever life throws your way

Accident insurance can help offset unexpected medical expenses that aren’t covered by your medical insurance. Depending on your policy, accident insurance can help cover expenses resulting from your covered accident like:

  • Emergency room visits, X-rays, diagnostic exams, physical therapy and follow-up treatment
  • Ambulance or air ambulance to a hospital
  • Hospital stays, travel or lodging expenses related to your accident

Talk with your Aegisys benefits counselor to learn how accident insurance can help you be prepared for the unexpected and protect what you’ve worked so hard to build.

Our accident insurance is designed with both employees and employers in mind

Employers and HR professionals

  • Provide a sound benefits package that can help attract and retain high-performing employees, without incurring additional company expenses
  • Manage the increasing costs of coverage through voluntary benefits and potential savings
  • Simplify the enrollment process for all your benefits, including traditional medical plans, by partnering with our nationwide team of licensed benefit counselors
  • Reduce administrative burden by leveraging Colonial Life’s enrollment solutions and 24/7 support

Your employees and their families

  • Can gain peace of mind so they can focus on health and recovery instead of worrying about paying bills
  • Receive direct benefits (unless they specify otherwise) that can be used however they’d like, regardless of any other insurance they may have
  • Can select coverage options for themselves and/or eligible dependents
  • Some policies are portable, allowing employees to keep their coverage even if they change jobs

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